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NYC LARP Troupe  E-mail

Rosewood: A Victorian Mage LARP of personal horror.

The New York City LARP troupe is a community of creative people from all different walks of life brought together by a common hobby.

LARP stands for “Live Action Role Play”.  The best way to describe it is dramatic improvisational theater with some rules to help arbitrate story and character conflicts.  For this reason, LARPs are often referred to as "Improv Theater Games."

A LARP-style game takes the basic ideas from a table-top style roleplaying game and takes it to another level.  Instead of sitting at a table and playing characters, we dress and act as the characters we created and go to a common location to interact with others and the world setting.  The end result of this is a game which is very similar to improvisational theater, and is inclusive, fun, and safe for all involved.

There is always at least one organizer in charge of the participants’ safety and enjoyment as well as directing the story that takes place in the world setting.  This person is usually known as the GM (Game Moderator) or ST (Story Teller), and different people take this role depending on the game.  We run a variety of games of varying lengths and settings.  Below you can find links to some of the games that we are currently running, and on our forum you can find more information on each game as well as friendly players and administrators, and much more!

Thank you for your interest in our hobby!


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